The Red Room Newsletter: January 14-25, 2019

JANUARY 14 – 18 AND 21 – 25
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful break. My break was restful, but I was ready to get back to a normal schedule. I know the Red Roomers were glad to see both their human and animal friends and get back into our routine. 
We will spend the next two weeks continuing with a winter unit and learning about Martin Luther King. Please note that Share Days are January 18 and 24. Children that attend full day may bring an item to share with their morning class and an item to share with their afternoon class.
Kinderfarm will be closed on Monday, January 21 in observance of the Martin Luther King holiday.
Please be sure that your child wears winter appropriate clothing to school. Children should be dressed in layers so that they can take off and put on clothing items as needed throughout the day. Temperatures in the building can change drastically during high traffic times when the front door is opened many times. Also, please continue to send snowpants with your child each time they attend Kinderfarm even if there is no snow. As I have mentioned many times, it is colder at Kinderfarm and it is almost always windy and snowpants offer an extra layer of warmth. We can spend upwards of an hour outdoors and so the extra layer is a must,
Information about summer/fall registration will be posted on the Kinderfarm website beginning January 21. Families of children already enrolled at Kinderfarm may begin enrolling January 22. Open enrollment for families not currently enrolled will begin February 1. If you would like to enroll your child for either/both summer sessions and/or fall, please download the paperwork, complete the forms, and return them with the necessary deposits. Please note that tuition for the summer is based on six and five weeks. Tuition for the school year is monthly based (four weeks). Spaces do tend to fill up quickly, so it is recommended that you return the paperwork as soon as possible in order to secure a space for your child. Feel free to call Kinderfarm with any questions you might have about summer/fall registration.
MONDAY – The morning class will be making bird feeders for our feathered friends out of piper cleaners threaded with Cheerios. The feeders will be hung in trees around the Kinderfarm campus.
Counting skills will be put to the test this afternoon as the children glue buttons on a paper snowman that correspond with the number on the snowman’s hat. The Freeze Dance will round out our time together.
TUESDAY – Our activity this morning will be so tasty that the boys and girls will not realize that they are working on their size discrimination skills. Ask your child to tell you what we made.
This afternoon Red Roomers will be practicing their fine motor skills and observation skills as they drop colored salt water onto a block of ice. What happened? Ask your child.
WEDNESDAY – Today’s activity will bring the beauty of icicles indoors using torn pieces of blue construction paper, tissue paper, and aluminum foil.
THURSDAY – This morning we will have a visitor! Casey from the Iowa City Public Library will be sharing books, fingerplays, and songs with us!
Math skills will snowball with these afternoons cool counting activity. The activity involves paint, so it might not come home until next week. A game or two of Snowflake Bingo is also on today’s agenda.
JANUARY 21 – 25
TUESDAY – Martin Luther King gave a speech in which he said, “I have a dream”. After reading a book about Dr. King the boys and girls will complete an art project illustrating their dream for the future.
This afternoon we will have an egg cracking activity. The children will examine both brown and white eggs. After discussing the obvious outside difference each child will get to crack one open and examine the inside. Are the insides different? Now what to do with all the cracked eggs…. why, scrambled eggs of course! Today’s activity might be a great opener for more discussion at home.
WEDNESDAY – The white dove is a sign of peace. The Red Roomers will be making a dove to share with you at home. The children will also be bringing home a treat with a message to share at home.
FRIDAY – Today we will be discussing how words or actions can harm a heart, make someone feel bad, and takes time to heal. Our art activity will illustrate this discussion.
Mrs. Norman

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