The Blue Room Note — June 24-July 12

Now that it is officially summer, it will be interesting how the weather plays out. The children really enjoy water activities, but some of the cooler days have felt nice! The rest of summer session is sure to be fun with a week of caterpillar/butterfly, Independence Day, and camping on the agenda.


  • Kinderfarm will be closed July 4thand 5th, for Independence Day.
  • Summer session 1 ends July 12. Session 2 begins July 15 and goes through August 16.


June 24-28

Celebrate Eric Carle

Chores: Goats, Cats, Recycling, Pigs

Monday:Eric Carle’s birthday is June 25th, this week will focus on caterpillars and butterflies. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” will get us started before painting a butterfly.

Wednesday:Today’s activities include using props to retell the story “The Crunching, Munching Caterpillar” and butterfly snack bags.

Friday:Exploration of milk weed around Kinderfarm and searching for butterflies will have us outdoors for much of the day! We will also attempt the “caterpillar” dance move!

July 1stand 3rd

Independence Day

Chores: Horses, Rabbits, Hens, Garden

Monday:The U.S. flag and sailing boats (in the water table) will be our focus today. Can your child tell you any details of the flag?

Wednesday:Yard games and a yummy snack involving red, white, and blue will take up our time today.

July 8-12


Chores: Goats, Cats, Recycling, Pigs

Monday:Ms. Casey from the Iowa City Library will be joining us this morning. This afternoon, we will focus on what you need to go camping. We will pack a bag, read a story in a tent, and create a picture of fire today.

Wednesday:It is “National Teddy Bear Picnic Day”… so that’s what we are going to do, have a picnic with a teddy bear! The kids really enjoy the story “The Bear Went Over the Mountain,” so we will read and act out this story!

Friday:The blue roomers will round out the session and week by going fishing and making smores!


Thank you for a wonderful start to summer,

Mrs. Rogers