Hi Heather!

I hope you’re having a great school-year so far! Danny has been doing absolutely wonderful in kindergarten, and there is no doubt a lot of that has to do with you and the wonderful Kinderfarm staff. If it hadn’t been for you guys, I have no doubt he would’ve been crying everyday for awhile at kindergarten, but as it was, he’s been happy to go everyday. Thank you all, so much!

That said, it’s looking more and more like we will be staying here in the area after all!! We aren’t 100% sure if we’ll actually buy a house right here in Iowa City, or if we might end up buying some place nearby, but I”m already looking ahead to preschool for Ella next year. I was just wondering when registration will begin. We’re looking to have Ella go all day Tuesdays and Thursdays next year, if we do in fact live close enough for her to go. She will be 3 in just three months! If we’re going to be around, after Danny’s wonderful experience, there really isn’t anywhere I’d rather Ella go to preschool.

Thank you again!!













Dear Kinderfarm,

Today, as I am researching online for a preschool for my three year old daughter, I was surprised that my thoughts went to you.  I haven’t thought about you in many, many years!  But today, as I was looking into preschools, I thought to myself  “I want to find a place that my daughter will love as much as I loved my own preschool.”

You see, I am a former kinderfarmer.

I attended Kinderfarm in 1975!  My most clear memory of Kinderfarm is that I loved it.  Loved it with all my heart and soul.  I would stand at our living room window and wait for the bus to arrive, even on days that I wasn’t scheduled to attend!

I remember the classroom full of toys, especially the farm related ones.  I remember the puppet theater and playing with playdough.  I remember the pilgrim dinner with little pilgrim hats, watching the air popper shoot popcorn straight up because the top was removed, and singing together.  I really remember singing.  I loved that part.  Miss Mary Black, Eensy Weensy Spider and some song about getting eaten by a snake (Oh My, Up to my Thigh).

I remember playing outside, watching the animals, picking corn, feeding horses, finding caterpillars, and learning about tractors.  When my daughter wanted to feed the horses at the petting farm this summer, I cupped my hands under hers so she wouldn’t be scared, and had a flashback to my Kinderfarm teacher cupping her hands under mine, so I would be brave enough to feed the horses.

The list of things I remember from Kinderfarm is somewhat astounding, considering it was 35 years ago!  I don’t remember much of my life from age three, but I DO remember you … and a lot about you.  So today, when my mind went to you, I decided to see if you have a website.  I looked through the whole thing, but really poured over the pictures and the map.  I actually got teary-eyed seeing the inside of the school, the grounds and the fields with tractors.  I just remember it so very well.  It’s newer, and prettier, but I still enjoyed reliving it all.

I’m especially sentimental about it, also, because my mom whom I loved with all my heart, grew up on a farm.  She very much wanted me to learn some of the things that she learned growing up.  She was so excited to find Kinderfarm!  I can still hear her voice, bragging to everyone about this wonderful preschool her daughter attended.  Sadly, Mom isn’t with us anymore.  So anything that reminds me of her touches my heart.

Unfortunately, I won’t be sending my own sweet kids to Kinderfarm this fall.  My family lives in Minneapolis, MN.  But I wanted to email you and tell you what a difference you make.  I’m sure all your staff is different now, and your classrooms, curriculum, toys, etc. are all different, but you still have all those beautiful children who love attending your school, who can’t wait to get there, and will remember you for a long, long time.  Maybe 35 years like me?  Or even longer.

Thanks for being a great place for me when I was a kinderfarmer, and for being a great place today.

Very Sincerely,
Kristin (Friberg) Olson