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The Red Room Newsletter: July 30 – August 17, 2018

It is hard to believe but the last three weeks of the summer session are upon us. It has been a fun summer and I have really enjoyed having your children in the Red Room. For those of you that will not be joining us this fall, I hope you have a super school year and hope to see you back next summer. For those that are returning this fall, enjoy your two weeks off and I will see you back for what is shaping up to be a terrific fall semester!
Kinderfarm will be closed August 20 – September 3. The Ice Cream Social is Thursday, August 30 from 6:00 – 7:00 PM.
This week is Game Week! We will spend this entire week playing different games. We will play board games, card games, hide and seek games, guessing games, and outdoor games. Be sure to ask your child what games we played and which ones were their favorite.
AUGUST 6 – 10
I am sure you have noticed by the number of feathers that come home in your child’s backpack that they really enjoy birds! It only seemed fitting that we devote a week to a unit on birds.
MONDAY – The boys and girls will begin our bird unit by making bird feeders. The morning class will be making bird feeders out of pinecones and the afternoon class will be making Oriole feeders. Be sure to ask your child what an Oriole feeder is made from.
TUESDAY – Our focus today will be on chickens…and Lord knows we have plenty of them! 😉 The morning class will be making a counting book and the afternoon class will be “reading” a recipe to make Chick Feed.
WEDNESDAY – Edible nests are on our morning agenda. Be sure to ask your child how we made them. The afternoon class will be making another type of bird feeder that they will bring home to share with your backyard feathered friends.
THURSDAY – How in the world do birds eat? We will find out this morning as we conduct a bird beak experiment. Can your child share any of our findings?
Ms. Casey will be sharing stories, songs, and games with us this afternoon. Be sure to ask your child what the theme was today.
FRIDAY – Your child may have shared that a swan lives on the Kinderfarm pond. She was willed to Mrs. Norman by a former neighbor from across the highway. The children will be making a paper plate replica of our swan friend today.
AUGUST 13 – 17
Our final week together will be spent on activities we did this summer and the children want to do them again. I am betting we will do some cooking because that is a favorite!  In addition, we will spend more time in the garden, enjoy a final story time with Ms. Casey, stroll around the pond with a few last runs through the pasture maze, and extra time with our animal friends.
Mrs. Norman

The Red Room Newsletter: July 16 – 27, 2018

JULY 16 – 20 AND 23 – 27
Hello! Welcome to Summer Session 2! If your child is just joining us my name is Heather Norman and I will be your child’s teacher in the Red Room for the next five weeks. I had so much fun with my Red Roomers last session. I have a feeling this session will be just as fun! Be sure to check the Kinderfarm website for the classroom newsletters as well as other notes and reminders.
*Please note that your child needs to wear a pair of “chore shoes/boots” each time they come to Kinderfarm. This footwear is to be worn during playground time and our visits to the animals. There is a plethora of things out in the barnyard that we do not want tracked on to the carpet. A pair of shoes to wear indoors should be in your child’s backpack in addition to the complete change of clothing, swimsuit, and towel.
We will spend our first week together welcoming new friends, establishing a routine, and doing fun activities. I have found some new art, game, and science activities that I am anxious to try with the kids.
The Johnson County 4-H Fair is July 23 – 27 at the fairgrounds. Both of my children (now ages 27 and 25) are former 4-Her’s so I have very fond memories of “fair week”. With that in mind, our focus the second week of this session will be on 4-H activities. Many people think that the 4-H Fair is only about youngsters showing their farm animals, but it is much more than that. Children can join 4-H at the age of ten. They do not necessarily have to live on a farm and show an animal. They can enter projects in cooking, woodworking, sewing, gardening, photography, and several other categories too numerous to name. The children must present their project in front of a group of peers in the form of a “speech” and be prepared to answer questions about their project which helps lay the early foundation of public speaking. So, if you are looking for a group for your child to join as they near the age of ten that emphasizes family and community I would strongly recommend 4-H.
Please note that we will be taking a field trip to the Johnson County 4-H Fair on Wednesday, July 25. We will leave Kinderfarm at 9:00 AM and return at 11:15 AM.
MONDAY – We will spend our morning making masterpieces in the driveway using sidewalk chalk. A color scavenger hunt is on the agenda for the afternoon.
TUESDAY – This morning we will be making marbled paper using shaving cream. We did a project like this during Session 1 and it was a huge hit with the kids. Painting with cotton balls and clothes pins will keep us busy in the afternoon.
WEDNESDAY – Melted crayon art and playing with the Stomp Rocket are our activities for the day. I have never done melted crayon art with the kids, but it looks super fun. Be sure to ask your child to tell you about it.
THURSDAY – Today’s activity is either going to be a hit or a flop. 😊 We are going to try our hand at making DYI Bouncy Balls. Balloon Rocket races are also on the agenda.
FRIDAY – The boys and girls are always checking the rain gauge by the garden. With that in mind they will be making a rain gauge of their own to put in your yard.
JULY 23 – 27
MONDAY – Both of my children showed rabbits at the 4-H Fair. I do believe there were more than twenty rabbits at Kinderfarm during that time.  I learned a ton about rabbit’s right along with my children of which I will share with The Red Roomers today. Time with Precious, Eclipse, and Snowball and a rabbit puppet are also on today’s agenda.
TUESDAY – A few 4-Hers participate in the pony show and other horse performance contests. Today the boys and girls will create a horse of their own using their foot. Of course, we will spend extra time with Dallas and Electra today.
WEDNESDAY – The morning group will be going to the Johnson County 4-H Fair. In the afternoon our focus will be chickens. We have a variety of chickens at Kinderfarm and some 4-Her’s raise and show chickens. I have a couple of egg experiments to share with the children and they will have the opportunity to paint with eggs,
THURSDAY – There were plenty of cows at the 4-H Fair yesterday. With that in mind cows will be our theme today. A cow art project, practice milking a cow, and milkshakes will make for a moo-velous day. Sorry…I couldn’t resist. 😊
FRIDAY – They say that pigs are dirty animals because they wallow in the mud. They wallow in the mud to keep cool and the mud acts as a combination sunscreen, bug repellent. With that in mind, the Red Roomers will be making a mud wallow for our pig Pearl. Be sure to ask your child why pigs should never be sprayed with cold water. We will also be making pigs out of biscuits to enjoy for snack.
Mrs. Norman