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Red Room Newsletter: January 28 – February 8, 2019

I cannot believe it is already the end of January and February is just around the corner! I am not complaining because each day brings us closer to spring.  Thankfully we have not been forced to stay inside too much. We have still been able to visit our animal friends, climb on the snow mountain, and spend time on the playground.
The next two weeks will be spent discussing penguins, Groundhog Day, and heart health. The beginnings of Valentine’s Day discussions are on our agenda as well.
Registration materials for summer/fall are now available on the Kinderfarm website. Families of children already enrolled at Kinderfarm may begin enrolling now. Open enrollment for families not currently enrolled will begin February 1. If you would like to enroll your child for either/both summer sessions and/or fall, please download the paperwork, complete the forms, and return them with the necessary deposits. Please note that tuition for the summer is based on six and five weeks. Tuition for the school year is monthly based (four weeks). Spaces do tend to fill up quickly, so it is recommended that you return the paperwork as soon as possible in order to secure a space for your child. Feel free to call Kinderfarm with any questions you might have about summer/fall registration.
Book orders will be sent home February 4 and 5. Orders are due by February 13. Please make checks payable to “Scholastic”. We cannot accept cash for book orders.
Valentine’s Day parties are slated for February 13 and 14. If you would like your child to participate in the card exchange please send 17 signed cards if your child attends M/W/F and 17 signed cards if your child attends T/TH. Please do not have your child address their cards as it makes passing them out a nightmare. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions about the Valentine’s Day parties and the card exchanges.
MONDAY – After the mother emperor penguin lays an egg, the father holds it on his feet, under a flap of warm skin. He holds the egg on his feet for two months while the mother goes out to sea to feed. The Red Roomers will practice being a daddy penguin by holding a plastic egg on their feet. How does it feel to stand still for a minute and not let the egg fall off their feet? Can they imagine holding that egg day and night for two months? We will round out the morning working on a coloring page.
This afternoon shape recognition and letter sounds will be practiced as the children color letter “Ps” with pink and purple crayon and glue them on a large letter “P”. Pink and purple paper penguins on a “P”!
TUESDAY – Reading skills will be put to the test this morning as the children follow a Penguin Food recipe. Number recognition and number sequencing skills are the next to be challenged as the children work on a dot to dot page.
This afternoon the children will make a penguin counting book. This book will not only encourage counting but positional words as well. Wow! Learning IS fun!
WEDNESDAY – The Red Roomers will be measuring and comparing themselves to different penguin sizes. The emperor penguin is about the same size as your child. Can your child remember how big any of the other penguins are? A science experiment will end the morning. How do penguins stay warm? Be sure to ask your child about the waxy substance that penguins spread on their feathers to keep warm and dry.
The afternoon will be spent working on the penguin craft. Can your child remember what shapes we used to make our penguins?
THURSDAY – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! The boys and girls will be given a choice. They can choose to make a penguin or a groundhog to bring home to you. Ask your child what shape we used to create these little cuties!
FRIDAY – Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. What is a groundhog anyway? Why does he look for his shadow? We will find out the answers to those questions and more today.
MONDAY – A new month means it is time to create a new bulletin board in the coatroom. Ask your child to tell you what we made. Some hints: they have wings, they are red, and we see them in the winter. In case they cannot remember we made cardinals from the children’s handprints.
TUESDAY – The focus on the month of February seems to be primarily on paper hearts and candy. February also happens to be Heart Health Month. With that in mind the children will be illustrating healthy eating choices as they make a “healthy plate”.
Cutting skills will be put to the test this afternoon as the children make a heart headband. We will end our time together dancing to get our hearts pumping
WEDNESDAY – In preparation for the upcoming parties next week, the children will be making a holder for their valentines. A Valentine Hide-n-Seek game will round out our time together.
In the afternoon we will head to the kitchen to make heart shaped muffins. Can your child remember how we made the heart shape?
THURSDAY – Clifford is the Red Roomers favorite red dog! Clifford will serve as our guide for today’s valentine project. We will also continue work on holders for valentines.
FRIDAY – The Red Roomers have been asking when we will paint with marbles again. Their wait is over! They will be marble painting a heart cutout today. They will never know that they are working on their cutting and hand-eye coordination skills while having a great time! 
Mrs. Norman