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The Red Room Newsletter: April 9 – 20, 2018

APRIL 9 – 13 AND 16 – 20

Whoa! Hold on! The end of the school year is fast approaching, and we have a ton left to do! The next two weeks will be busily spent on discussions of rain, mud weather, time in the garden, a guest visitor, Earth Week, and Share Days. In addition to all of these classroom activities we will also take advantage of any opportunity for a horse ride, pond exploration, or a discovery walk around the Kinderfarm campus. I am guessing you may have a tired Kinderfarmer at the end of each day.

Share Days are April 13 and 19! Please help your child select an item from home to share with his/her class. Items might include, but are not limited to, vacation souvenirs, a favorite book or toy, an item from babyhood, a “treasure” found in the backyard. Encourage your child to use their imagination. If your child attends both morning and afternoon at Kinderfarm they are welcome to bring two items as many of the children in their afternoon class were also in their morning class.

Book orders are due by Wednesday, April 11. This is the last book order of the school year.

You may want to continue to send snow pants at least through the middle of this month. They are a nice extra layer of warmth especially on cold mornings. Rain boots can be switched out for snow boots once the temperatures warm up to the upper 40’s and 50’s. As I have mentioned many times, it is colder out in the country, so the children really need to have mittens or gloves, a hat, and a warm coat or jacket each time they come to school. We spend a great deal of time outdoors and it is not fun to be outside if you are cold.

MONDAY – We will begin the week by working on color recognition skills. Each child will find one brown item in the class room and put it in a box. This will lead to a discussion of the different shades of brown. What else is brown? Why, mud of course!
This afternoon our focus will be rain. We will make rain in a jar and make a stained-glass raindrop to hang on our window. A game of Who’s Under the Umbrella will round out our time together.

TUESDAY – Clouds fill up with moisture and the moisture turns into rain and falls to the ground. We will explore this today as we make clouds in a jar. This is a cool experiment! I am just sure your child will want to tell you all about it.  While we are waiting for the rain to come the children will make a raindrop puzzle to bring home.
WEDNESDAY – After reading the book Thunder Cake the Red Roomers will head to the kitchen this morning to make a Thunder Cake. Can your child remember what the secret ingredient was?

Friday, March 30 was Good Friday which is when potatoes are supposed to be planted. The weather was not at all cooperative for potato planting, so weather permitting, we will plant potatoes this afternoon.

THURSDAY – We will begin our time reading the book In the Middle of a Puddle. We will follow up the story by making Puddle Cake. Can your child remember the secret ingredient? A walk around the pond will round out our time together.
This afternoon Casey from the Iowa City Public Library will be sharing books, songs, and games with us. Be sure to ask your child what the book theme was today.

FRIDAY – TODAY IS SHARE DAY! Any time remaining will hopefully be spent outside working in the garden or taking end of the year pictures.

APRIL 16 – 20

MONDAY – Casey from the Iowa City Public Library will be sharing books, songs, and games with us this morning. Be sure to ask your child what the book theme was today.
This afternoon the children will work on identifying things that help and harm the earth. They will illustrate their findings on a cut and paste activity sheet.

TUESDAY – The book The Lorax happens to be one of my very favorite books and it is a great one to use during Earth Week. The Red Roomers will be creating truffula trees of their own after reading the story this morning.

This afternoons cooking project is sure to be a hit! We will be making Rice Krispie Earth Treats! Ask your child to tell you how we made them. Any time remaining will be spent cleaning up the Kinderfarm campus.

WEDNESDAY – Each Red Roomer will work with a partner today to create replicas of Earth. Can your child remember who their partner was? Which partner was “water” and which was “land”?

THURSDAY – TODAY IS SHARE DAY! Any time remaining will be spent working in the garden or taking end of the year pictures.

FRIDAY – The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is another one of my all-time favorite books. After sharing this heartwarming story with the children, they will make a tree of their own using their arm and hand as the guide. Ask them to tell you about the book and the project.

Mrs. Norman