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The Red Room Newsletter: June 18 – 29, 2018

JUNE 18 – 22 AND 25 – 29
Our first two weeks were spent learning the routine, meeting and reconnecting with friends, and spending much time outdoors on the playground, with our animal friends, and at the pond. Our group is big but that means big fun!
This group has a wide variety of interests so once again I have planned a wide variety of activities. Please note that my Red Roomers are very inquisitive and eager to learn so planned lessons are thrown to the side as we follow a new lesson that popped up unexpectedly before us.
Kinderfarm will be closed on Wednesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.
MONDAY – Today promises to be another hot one! Our morning will be spent finishing up the chia pets we started on Friday. Our afternoon will be filled with water balloon fun!
TUESDAY – During a walk around the pond last week the children were asking if we could go fishing. It is supposed to be cooler today so guess what we will be doing this morning. Be sure to ask your child if we caught any fish. Parachute fun is on the agenda for this afternoon.WEDNESDAY – Gluep and Oobleck were part of last weeks plans but time got away from us. The children will get to decide which we do in the morning and which we do in the afternoon. Can they tell you how Gluep and Oobleck are made?
THURSDAY – Pasta porcupines looked to fun to pass up. Look for these to come home next week.
FRIDAY – The morning class will be making Jelly Snakes to share with the afternoon group. Painting with ice cubes will help keep everyone cool this afternoon.
JUNE 25 – 29
MONDAY – This morning the children will be painting small rocks gold in preparation for Wednesday’s activity. Can your child tell you about the gold rush? The afternoon group will begin their time together making a snack of peanut butter sandwiches. They will pack up their sandwiches in a picnic basket and enjoy a picnic on the Kinderfarm grounds. Food somehow always tastes better when eaten outdoors.
TUESDAY – Butterflies are everywhere at Kinderfarm! With that in mind the children will be making butterflies out of coffee filters and clothes pins this morning, Our afternoon snack will be butterflies….well not real butterflies 😊 Be sure to ask your child how we turned easy peel oranges, pretzel sticks, and craisins into butterflies.
WEDNESDAY – The morning group will be panning for gold…the gold rocks they painted on Monday. Math skills will be practiced as they count how much gold they found. Now if it were only real. 😉 The afternoon will be spent playing games either indoors or out depending on the weather.
THURSDAY – Our morning will be spent making I Spy Jars. If you have any long car trips planned this summer these will help kill time. Creativity is sure to shine this afternoon as the boys and girls paint squirt bottle style.
FRIDAY – Ms. Casey from The Iowa City Public Library will be out guest this morning. She will be sharing books, songs, and games with us. We will round out our week making pool noodle monsters this afternoon.
Mrs. Norman