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The Red Room Newsletter: April 22 – May 31, 2019

APRIL 22 – MAY 31
Wow! The end of the school year is just around the corner! We have six weeks left and a ton yet to do! Earth Week activities, May Day, dandelions, science experiments, and Cinco de Mayo will keep us busy the next three weeks. We also need to get the garden planted and other end of the year activities completed so our plans are flexible and subject to change.
A graduation ceremony will be held on Friday, May 31 at 3:00 PM for children that will be entering kindergarten this Fall. A graduation list and information will be sent home by May 1. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.
Beginning Monday, April 22 backpacks will be left in the coatroom and no longer in the bins. Also, as children arrive, they will leave their indoor shoes underneath their backpacks in the coatroom. Yeah! Warm weather is finally here!!
MONDAY – The book The Lorax is one of my very favorite books and it is a great one to use to kick off Earth Week. The Red Roomers will be creating truffula trees of their own after reading the story. We will also begin an experiment to see what litter can do to clean water. Be sure to ask your child what we did.
TUESDAY – The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is another one of my all-time favorite books. After sharing this heartwarming story with the children, they will make a tree of their own using their arm and hand as the guide. Ask them to tell you about the book and the project.
WEDNESDAY – Each Red Roomer will work with a partner today to create replicas of Earth. Can your child remember who their partner was? Which partner was “water”, and which was “land”? Any time remaining will be spent cleaning up the Kinderfarm campus. It is always amazing to be how much litter the children gather after the winter months.
THURSDAY – Today’s project will illustrate how many hands it takes to keep our world safe and clean. We will begin the project in the morning by making an “Earth” out of a coffee filter. This afternoon we will add the hands.
FRIDAY – Science classification skills will be put to the test as the children sort pictures that are Earth friendly and not Earth Friendly. We will also take a closer look at the litter water jug we made on Monday. Does your child think fish, frogs, and other animals could live in that water? Why not?
MONDAY – Scientist’s do not know all the answers, so they experiment, or “mess around” to test things to see what happens. The Red Roomers will be acting like scientists’ part of this week as they try a variety of different experiments and “mess around”. Today children will “bubbling with excitement” as they find out what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar.
TUESDAY – Do oil and water mix? We will find out as we paint a picture using cooking oil and try to paint over it with water colors.
WEDNESDAY – HAPPY MAY DAY! The Red Roomers will spend the morning making May baskets for another class. Hmmm…wonder if we will get any May baskets?
THURSDAY – People in Mexico are celebrating Cinco de Mayo on Sunday. Do people in Mexico speak the same language that we do? What language do they speak? We will find out today as we learn a few words in Spanish. Can your child remember them? The name “somber” is the Spanish word for shade. The word sombrero is derived from that Spanish word. After a brief history discussion of sombreros, the children will make one out of paper.
FRIDAY – We will continue to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as we feast on nachos that we will make together. We will also make a Mexican flag to bring home.
MAY 6 – 10
MONDAY – We will kick off our unit on toads and frog by illustrating their life cycle. A trip to the pond to look for toads, frogs, and tadpoles will end our time together.
The word frog begins with the letter “F”. This concept will be reinforced as the children make a frog out of the letter “F” this afternoon.
TUESDAY – Rhyme identification skills will be practiced today as the children match a frog on a log with a rhyming picture. Children love to practice rhyming words! How many words that rhyme with the word frog can they share with you? Can they rhyme other words?
WDENESDAY – A dandelion hunt will kick off our time together. We will be looking for the biggest, tallest, shortest, brightest colored, or maybe the weirdest shaped dandelions. The children will also do a bit of painting with – you guessed it – dandelions!
THURSDAY – Legend has it that the tallest dandelion a child can find will be the equivalent to the number of inches that child will grow in the coming year. This morning each of the children will pick the tallest dandelion they can find. We will measure it and write down the measurement along with the date. Post the card on your wall or refrigerator. As you track your child’s growth over the next year compare the number of inches to the length of the dandelion. Is the legend true?
We will begin the afternoon by placing basil seeds in a bottle of water. Over the course of the next few days the children will be encouraged to give the bottle of seeds a shake and a swirl. Be sure to ask your child what happened to the seeds. We will also try some seeds for snack.
FRIDAY – First a dandelion is yellow and then it turns to fluff. What happens next? We will find out as we illustrate the life cycle of a dandelion on a paper dandelion.
MAY 13 – 31
I prefer to not follow day by day lesson plans the last three weeks of school. There are so many things left for us to do and weather can play a big part in daily activities. We will be planting in the garden, spending time with our animal friends, exploring the pond for tadpoles and other signs of spring, helping the graduates get ready for the graduation ceremony, and just enjoying our last few days together as Red Roomers.
The children often think that when they graduate from Kinderfarm that kindergarten will begin the very next day. Graduates will be bringing home some “homework” to help them “see” when it will be time to go to kindergarten. They will be bringing home an envelope of sunflower seeds. Please help your child plant the seeds somewhere in your yard and tend them over the summer. When the sunflowers are as tall as a grown-up, it will be time to start kindergarten. 
Mrs. Norman