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The Blue Room News July 30-August 17

Wow… Just like that summer is wrapping up at Kinderfarm. This will be the last note for summer, including three exciting weeks! The blue room will focus on space this coming week, a small introduction to a few countries the following week, and the last week we will be celebrating some silly holidays. It has been so great having your child/children and I look forward to seeing some of you in the fall.



+ The last day of summer session #2 is August 17.

+ Kinderfarm will be closed August 20-September 3.

+ The ice-cream social for those returning to Kinderfarm is Thursday, August 30thfrom 6-7pm.


July 30-August 3


I have a variety of books from the Iowa City Library that we will be reading and looking at this week!

Monday:We will have fun with a stomp rocket and will take turns putting a space floor puzzle together.

Tuesday:Partner painting will take place today as we create a unique Earth picture. What color paint did your child use?

Wednesday:I am borrowing a small projector from the Iowa City Library that we will use today after making a snack to resemble constellations. The children will use marshmallows and pretzel sticks.

Thursday:The children will take turns putting on a space suit (snow pants and bucket) before blasting off in a rocket (box).

Friday:Making a telescope will finish out the week. We will talk about this when using the projector, as the images of the planets are much closer than when we look and see stars without a telescope.


August 6-10

The focus this week will include learning a little about each of the 5 countries listed, finding it on the globe, and trying a food or doing an activity that ties into that country. I (Mrs. Rogers) will be on vacation this week and Ms. Stephanie – the Monday and Friday associate will be teaching for me.

Monday: Japan

Tuesday: Italy

Wednesday: Mexico

Thursday: Africa

Friday: Germany


August 13-17

Wacky Week of Holidays

Monday:Left Hander’s Day… We will be doing a lot with our left hand, including using left-handed scissors.

Tuesday:National Creamsicle Day (if it’s warm enough we will be in our suits to enjoy a yummy treat)!

Wednesday:Relaxation Day… listening to some music during snack and then heading outside to enjoy the sounds of nature.

Thursday:Tell a Joke Day will allow for some laughs in the blue room! Maybe there will be a fake spider or snake found!?!

Friday:Last day of summer session. Walk around the pond and some extra playtime will take up our time together.


Thank you again for a great summer,


Mrs. Rogers


Blue Room News July 16-20 and 23-27

This is the start of summer session #2! My name is Katie Rogers and I am the teacher in the blue room. We will have some new kids joining us, so getting to know our classmates will take most of our time Monday and Tuesday. The rest of this week and the following week will be focused on FAIR activities and animals, since the Johnson County Fair is the week of July 23-27.



  • Please remember to pack a change of clothes, swimsuit, towel, and indoor shoes/slippers!


July 16-20

Monday and Tuesday:Getting to know each other and create a sun with his/her first initial to hang on the wall.

Wednesday:A bean bag toss game will allow for fun and target practice. We will likely substitute water balls (reusable water balloons) to add a little excitement!

Thursday:Cotton candy is a popular fair treat… guess what we’ll be making today?!?

Friday:Number recognition and counting will be practiced today by creating ribbons. What color means your project or animal was fantastic? See if your child can tell you!


July 23-27

Monday:After reading “A Day With Pigs,” we will have fun in the kitchen playing with and eating mud (chocolate pudding)! To follow, we will head out to give Pearl (the pig at Kinderfarm) some extra attention.

Tuesday:The blue roomers will read “Bunny’s Noisy Book,” before hopping around like a bunny. We will then spend some time petting Precious and Snowball (the two Kinderfarm rabbits that live in the barn).

Wednesday:The blue roomers will work on cutting skills to create a horse. They will also practice fine motor skills by clipping clothespins on for the legs. We will then gallop outside to say good morning to the Kinderfarm horses!

Thursday:After reading “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe,” we will re-enact the story. Hopefully the Kinderfam hens won’t be too hard to find.

Friday:“3 Billy Goats Gruff” will be our story before taking turns acting out the story. The blue roomers will head outside to use the tunnel on the playground as the bridge.


Stay cool these two weeks,


Mrs. Rogers