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It has been a great start to the summer, the weather has been nice and the kids are sure enjoying the outdoor time! The next couple of weeks will be focused on opposites and the forest. Any extra discussion of opposites at home or walks in the woods will enhance their learning at school!



  • 4thof July is approaching. Kinderfarm will be closed Wednesday, July 4th.
  • Thank you for packing a swimsuit and towel, every boy and girl had a suit last week!!


June 18-22

Monday:The sun and moon will be our focus today. “Oh Mister Sun” and “The Moon is Round” are two rhymes we will learn using a two-sided art piece the children will make.

Tuesday:“Drive” is a book of opposites that will get us started this morning. We will then act out much of the book, an example is a winding road and straight road.

Wednesday:The blue room will head to the kitchen to make our snack after reading “Magic Opposites.” Does your child like sweet or salty better? They will be combining the two to make a yummy snack!

Thursday:Today is the longest day of the year, so we will read “Wow, Said the Owl,” before making a pretty flower scene with thumbprints.

Friday:It is officially summer, so the blue roomers will head over to the beach (across the Kinderfarm pond) to enjoy sometime in the sun! I will read “Sunrise, Moonrise,” before heading outside.


June 25-29

Monday:‘Moose Steps’ action rhyme will get us all moving today. I will read, “The Moose Belongs to Me,” to go along with our activity.

Tuesday:“Nest” will get us started in the blue room before heading to the kitchen to make a snack that will mimic a nest!

Wednesday:“Firefly Forest” will get us started before making a scene of fireflies. The children will be working on fine-motor skills today to create the firefly bodies using tin-foil.

Thursday:This group is active, so we will head out on a “Bear Hunt” after reading the story. I wonder what we’ll find?!?

Friday:Casey from the Iowa City library will be visiting this morning. It is always great to have her join us.


Stay cool,

Mrs. Rogers

Blue Room Report June 4-8 and 11-15


Welcome to the blue room, I hope you are excited for a fun summer! We will be starting by getting to know each other and the creatures that are found in the Kinderfarm pond. Please be sure to check the blue room note (on the website or in the coat room at school) to stay informed about your child’s day.



~ Please be sure to sunscreen your child before they come to school. We will reapply after lunch for children that stay all day.

~ No water bottles please. Kinderfarm has water and cups available to the children at all times.

~ A swim suit, smallertowel (big beach towels are just too BIG), and a change of clothes should be packed in your child’s backpack every day. Water activities are not always planned…!

~ Inside (clean) shoes or slippers AND outdoor/chore shoes are a must!


June 4-8

Monday/Tuesday:We will be getting to know each other and exploring the campus for those who are new to Kinderfarm. I will read “In the Middle of the Puddle” and “Swimmy.”

Wednesday/Thursday:The blue room needs some art work on the wall. Everyone will get a chance to water color a frog! “Ten Little Speckled Frogs” and “Frog Went A-Courtin’” will be our stories.

Friday:The blue roomers will head to the kitchen to make a fish scene using a graham cracker, blue frosting, and sardines (just kidding, they will use sweet goldfish)! The book “The Bravest Fish” will tie into our morning.


June 11-15

Monday:The book “Hop, Jump,” will get us started today before heading outside. Our jumping and acting skills will be put to the test today. How many lily pads did your child jump?

Tuesday:The blue roomers will use their handprints to create an underwater scene. It will be fun to see what else they add to the picture! I will read “Fish Wish” to finish our morning together.

Wednesday:“Fish is Fish,” will start us off this morning. The children will be using fish stencils and taking turns playing a game called “ABSeas.”

Thursday:We will head to the kitchen this morning to make our snack. Ask your child what creature we made! They will also finish their underwater picture that was started Tuesday. “I Don’t Want to be a Frog,” is a cute story I will read.

Friday:The song “Slippery Fish” will end our week together. Ask your child if he/she had a favorite fish from the song.


Looking forward to a fun-filled summer,

Mrs. Rogers