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The Blue Room Note — December 17-January 11

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas… everywhere at school! We have been having a good time decorating and crafting at Kinderfarm. This coming week will be filled with singing, reading stories, cookie making/decorating/eating, and of course some gift opening. This note also includes the week following winter break… seems like so far from now. Mittens will be our theme the week we return in January.


  • Kinderfarm will be closed December 24-January 4, classes will resume January 7, 2019.
  • Please note that the January 2019 tuition is due December 25, so please make arrangements to get your payment to Kinderfarm prior to winter break or in the mail before January 1, or you will be charged a $10 late fee. Thank you in advance.
  • Book orders will be coming home January 7 and will be due by Wednesday, the 16th.

December 17-21

Monday:Gift opening and packing bags with some artwork will take up our time this morning. The blue roomers will be baking cookies this afternoon, which will be decorated and enjoyed on Wednesday. Books: “Ten Christmas Wishes” and “Merry Christmas Curious George.”

Wednesday:Rudolph donut snack will be our activity this morning. Looking forward to some excited kids! Cookie decorating and eating will be our activity this afternoon. Books: “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “The Christmas Quiet Book.”

Friday:Singing songs and enjoying each other’s company will take up our time today, along with some games and activities. Ask your child if her/she got to play an instrument today! Books: “Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!” and “Is It Christmas Yet?”

January 7-11

Monday:Let’s get back into the swing of things…! “Three Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens,” will be our focus today. Your child will work on matching mittens this morning and pinching clothes pins (to work on fine motor skills) this afternoon to hang up the mittens! I will read “Cats Count” as this will fit well with today’s nursery rhyme.

Wednesday:We will spend today reading and acting out Jan Brett’s “The Mitten.” This is a great story and will allow for your child to practice patience, taking turns, and acting. It is also a way to practice recall (remembering what happens next in the story).

Friday:Number identification and counting skills will be put to the test today by matching the correct numeral and number of mittens. I will read “Oh, The Things You Can Count” to go along with this morning. “The Mitten Tree” will get us started this afternoon, before the blue roomers make a mitten to put up on the handprint tree they made before winter break.


Happy Holidays,

Mrs. Rogers

The Blue Room Note — December 3-14

A few weeks of Thanksgiving, some patterning fun, and a lot of snow!! And then… it was December. Looking forward to watching your little elves stay busy the next couple of weeks and a little warmer weather so we can actually play in the snow instead of just freeze!


  • The blue roomers have been doing a great job independently getting outdoor gear on and off by themselves, with a little help zipping. We are working on this to make them as independent as possible, the more you allow your child to get reading on his/her own, the better (and quicker) it goes!
  • We start our day outside at Kinderfarm if the temperature is above 15 degrees.
  • While talking about dressing… please be sure that your child’s inside shoes are going to the classroom, hats and mittens are put in coat sleeve, snow pants and coat get hung in the coatroom (on a blue or green hook), and backpacks go to the orange room bin!
  • Please be sure to review the Inclement Weather Policy about the delayed starts and early dismissals, as our policy is a little different than other schools.
  • If there are any holiday traditions that are unique and special to you, please let me know. It is always fun to have guests in our classroom!

December 3-7

Monday:The little elves at Kinderfarm will busy today working on a special project to bring home! Books: “Llama, Llama Holiday Drama” and “Christmas Mice.”

Wednesday:Today we will work on crafts to enhance our learning about Hanukkah, which started this week. An edible craft (marshmallow dreidel) will get us started this morning, followed by a game with a real dreidel. This afternoon will be perfect for our group of 9 to make a menorah. Ask to see your child’s candle!

Books: “How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Hanukkah” and “My First Menorah.”

Friday:St. Nicholas is known for his generosity to those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships. A tradition built upon Saint Nicholas is putting shoes or stockings out in hopes to be filled with gold or treats. He is celebrated on December 6th, which is the day he died. Getting treats in my shoe is a tradition I have grown up with. Your child may tell you about something found in his/her shoe today. Book: “A Visit from St. Nicholas and Santa Mouse, Too.”

December 10-14

Monday:Your little elf will be finishing his/her project started last Monday! Looking forward to seeing the final touches. Casey from the Iowa City Library will be joining us this afternoon! Book: “Christmas Cats”

Wednesday:We will start a tree project today… green paint here we come! We will read the book “Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree” and “The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever,” which will tie in perfectly.

Friday:Ornaments for the trees we started Monday will be on the agenda today! Little circles will get glued on the trees, so gluing and counting skills will be put to the test. Books: “Maple and Willows Christmas Tree” and “Clifford’s First Christmas.”


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Mrs. Rogers