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The Blue Room Note — April 22-May 3

We were able to get out in the garden to prepare the soil and plant carrots, find worms, and practice team work and taking turns. It was also very fun to meet the new pigs! This coming week will be filled with activities that have to do with Earth Day (which is Monday) and the following week the blue roomers will spend time working with and making flowers.


  • Backpacks will now be hung up in the coat room and slippers will go under them.
  • Graduation for students GOING TO KINDERGARTEN this coming fall will be Friday, May 31stand begin promptly at 3pm. More information for those students will be coming home May 1st. This will be a great chance for the rest of the students to practice be a great audience.


April 22-26

Monday:Today is Earth Day!! The children will spend time working with a partner to make a sponge-painted Earth. The story “Earth Day, Birthday” will get us thinking about taking care of our Earth. This afternoon, I will read “Each Living Thing” this afternoon. The class will help with an ‘I Spy’ to go along with the story.

Wednesday:Cutting and sequencing are on the agenda for today. Once your child has cut out his/her picture cards, he/she will put them in the correct order and glue them in place. This will also help prepare them for Friday when we do more planting. Books: “Franklin Plants a Tree” and “The Earth Book.”

Friday morning: Seed examination and planting in the garden will take up our time this morning. Your child will be bringing home his/her sequencing activity from Wednesday, ask him/her to explain it to you! I will read “From Seed to Dandelion” and “Quiet in the Garden” before we head outside.

Friday afternoon:“Super Manny Cleans Up” will get us in the mood to clean up. The blue-roomers and I will head outside to clean up the playground and participate in a recycling sort activity.


April 29-May 3

Monday:Today will allow for preparation for May Day. The blue-roomers will be using tissue paper to create a vase, this project will be completed Friday!

Books: “Duck and Goose Colors” and “Surprising Spring”

Wednesday morning:We will be making May Day baskets for the red-roomers… this will be a wonderful opportunity to discuss feelings! The book “Chrysanthemum” will tie in very nicely today.

Wednesday afternoon:I will bring in real flowers for the children to arrange in vases and work on their patterning/sequencing/color coordination skills. The book “Flower Alphabet” will fit nicely with our activity.

Friday morning: Using flower stamps will help create a beautiful bouquet to complete the May Day project started Monday. Book: “Fantastic Flowers”

Friday afternoon:It’s always fun to dig in the dirt, lets plant some flowers! We will help add some color to the flower barrels outside.  Book: “Grow Flower Grow”


Have a wonderful two weeks,

Mrs Rogers