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The Blue Room Note — January 28-February 8

Hopefully you have found some fun inside activities, as this cold doesn’t make it very enjoyable to be outside for long. That being said, please remember we go outside if the temperature, including wind chill, is at least 15 degrees. The blue room will be focusing on penguins and snow this coming week and Valentine’s preparation will come the following week.


  • Book orders are coming home Monday, February 4th, and are due back Wednesday, February 13th. Please make checks payable to Scholastic.
  • Valentine’s Day parties will be Wednesday, February 13th. If you would like your child to participate in the card exchange, please send 15 signed Valentine’s (unless you are afternoon only — Layla and John — you only need to bring 9). Please DO NOT address them, as this makes passing them out too lengthy.
  • Summer and Fall registration is now online, please note that families of children already enrolled at Kinderfarm may enroll now (as of January 22). Open enrollment for families not currently enrolled will begin February 1. If you would like to enroll for a summer session or fall; please download the paperwork, complete the forms, and return them with deposits.

January 28-February 1

Monday morning: Today your child will act like a character (one of the penguins) and choose a color to paint the snow. “Penguins Love Colors” is a book we read a while ago in the blue room. The children enjoyed the story, so I have decided to revisit it and have some fun painting the snow!

Monday afternoon: This will be a two-part activity involving the book, “The Snowy Day.” Today the children and I will do some pre-story activities; playing catch with a pretend snowball and sharing what each child’s choice would be on a snowy day. I will read the story after we do the activity.

Wednesday morning: I will read “Penguins, Penguins Everywhere” to give the children some background information about Penguins. We will then start our activity involving estimation. I will get out a blanket (the iceberg) and have the class work together to lay it out. They will make a prediction about the number of people that will fit. Everyone will sit on the blanket and we will talk about the outcome. I will then help fold the blanket in half and we will repeat the process, until… the blanket can’t be folded anymore!

Wednesday afternoon: We will read “The Snowy Day” again before getting started on an art project. Ask your child what Peter used in the story to make tracks in the snow! Your child used the same thing to make tracks on paper his/her paper.

Friday morning: Finger painting a penguin will finish up our week about penguins. See if your child can tell you what kind of penguin he/she painted! Book: “Penguins”

Friday afternoon: After practicing number recognition and counting with snowballs, the blue-roomers will head to the kitchen for some hot cocoa and count out five marshmallows to make it extra yummy. Book: “The Thing About Yeti’s”

February 4-8

Monday: What does friendship mean and what special day is coming up? The blue roomers will start making card-holders for Valentine’s Day. Name-writing and cutting will be on our agenda for today. Books: “Clifford’s Valentine’s Day” and a favorite of our family… “A Sick Day for Amos McGee”

Wednesday: Each child will choose four numbers and red or pink paper to get started. Number recognition, writing numbers, and stamping the correct number of hearts will create a Valentine’s-themed activity. Books: “Anno’s Counting Book” and “Valentine Mice”

Friday: Your child will finish up his/her Valentine’s Day card-holder, by tearing and gluing different colors of paper. We will play some Valentine’s bingo if time allows!

Books: “Valentine Bears” and “A Year with Friends”

Stay warm,

Mrs. Rogers

The Blue Room Note — January 14-25

Happy 2019, I hope you had a great winter break and are off to a wonderful new year! We will be getting into deeper thinking and responding to stories, as well as, discussion of what it means to be kind and have freedom. Hibernation will be our theme this coming week, followed by Martin Luther King, Jr.


  • Please, Please be sure your child is wearing appropriate clothing for the weather. This winter has started out a little wild and it is always colder at Kinderfarm. Continue to send snow pants through winter, they are needed for the extra warmth!
  • Book orders are due this Wednesday, January 16th.
  • Share Day is this Friday, January 18th. Your child may bring one item to share to the class. If your child attends all day, he/she may bring a two items to share.
  • There will be no school Monday, January 21st, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 14-18

Monday:This morning, the children in the blue room will be relating to a story character, pretending to hibernate, and creating a cave with our bodies. Making our snack with teddy bears will be our activity this afternoon. Books: “Winter Dance” and “When Will it Be Spring?”

Wednesday:Our project today will be responding to a story through art. The blue roomers will paint a yellow bear brown and then use a utensil to make the bear look more realistic. Ask your child what utensil we used for our project. Books: “Bear Snores On” and “A Warm Winter”

Friday:Share Day!

January 21-25

Monday: No School, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Wednesday: Today will allow for cutting practice and discussing ways to be kind. Each child will cut a bell and write one way he/she can be kind. We will also learn a new song titled “Let Freedom Ring.” Books: “Henry’s Freedom Box” and “I am Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Friday: “The Black Snowman” by Phil Mendez, is a book that I recently discovered. To go along with learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., this book talks about the life of two brothers who live in a big city. ASKyour child to tell you about the color of the snow in the city. The children will then put black circles in order from smallest to largest (sequence) to create a snowman!


Happy Hibernating,

Mrs. Rogers