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Blue Room April 9-20

We had a fun couple of weeks with Easter and Spring activities. Now for some more experiments, crafts, and a Share Day! Clouds and wind will be our focus the next two weeks. Hoping to be able to get a few kites sailing high.


  • Book orders due Wednesday, April 11th. Please make checks out to Scholastic.
  • Share Day is Friday, April 13th. This is another great activity for your child to practice talking in front of others. If your child stays ALL day, he/she may bring a different item to share in the afternoon.


April 9-13

Monday and Wednesday: The clouds in the sky and the temperature will depend on which activity happens on which day… We will spend one day outside laying in the grass just observing the clouds. The other day we will read a neat story “It Looked Like Spilt Milk,” and then the children will paint a cloud and describe to me what it looks like to them!

Friday: Share Day!


April 16-20

Monday: Casey from the Iowa City Library will be at Kinderfarm this morning. Be sure to ask your child what the stories were about.

Wednesday: Wind socks are neat to watch, especially if you made it yourself. This will be our activity today, as we put our fine motor skills to work. The book, “Wind,” will introduce our activity.

Friday: Kite flying requires space and Kinderfarm has plenty of it. I’m hopeful to get everyone a chance to fly a kite! I will read the story, “Kites,” before we head outside.



Mrs. Rogers

Blue Room March 26-April 6

We had a busy week in the blue room with things that GO! Our last week of March will be filled with Easter fun, then April will be spent talking about weather. We will start with an overview of spring, since we have yet to discuss the signs of spring. Rain, trees and plants budding, wind, warmer weather, robins, green(s) start to develop! Some experiments will help show rain clouds, water tornados, and in the coming weeks kite flying!


  • The last book order will go out April 2nd and will be due back Wednesday, April 11th. Please make checks out to Scholastic if you would like to order books.
  • There are still a few spaces available for both summer sessions. Please turn in registration materials as soon as possible if you would like your child to attend.


March 26-30

Monday: ‘Hot Cross Buns’ is a nursery rhyme that will be learned and practiced today before and after we make some hot cross buns for snack!

Wednesday: Coloring eggs is a fun activity that occurs at Easter time, the blue roomers will have a chance to do this today, after reading “Easter Eggs.”

Friday: The blue room will start out by making a bunny headband before going on an Easter egg hunt! The Easter Bunnies” book will tie in nicely.


April 2-6

Monday: We will head outside to listen and observe changes occurring with spring. It has been awhile since we have had sidewalk chalk out, today will be a great day to draw in the driveway!

Wednesday: Using a dropper to fill up a rain cloud (shaving cream on top of water) will work on fine motor skills. This will also allow the children to see how rain falls from clouds. We will read the book, “Raindrop Plop,” to go along with this activity.

Friday: Painting on the big easel will be our activity today. Tornados and rainbows will be the focus of their pictures! The book, “Tornado Alert” will get us started.


Happy Easter,

Mrs. Rogers