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Blue Room October 16-20, October 23-27, and October 30-November 3

Kinderfarm has a few fun-filled weeks ahead of us. The blue room will spend these next two weeks focused on Halloween activities. Spiders, monsters (fun ones, not scary), and pumpkins will be on our minds. We will be practicing our Halloween songs and reading an assortment of books to go along with our activities.

  • October 20th is SHARE DAY!! This means your child has the opportunity to pick something special to him/her, practice telling you WHY it is special, and bring it to school to tell our class. The point of this is to get them speaking in front of others.
  • Our class will participate in the costume parade on October 30th. There will be a parade at 11am and 3pm. Please be sure to label all costume parts and weapons are not permitted.
  • Conferences will be held Wednesday, November 15th from 8am-12pm and 4pm-7pm. Conferences are approximately 20 minutes and if possible it is best to leave your child at home. You may CALL (not email) starting Monday October 30th through November 10th at 3pm to schedule a conference.


October 16-20

Monday: The children will be marble painting a spider web. The objective is to keep the marble in the pan!

Wednesday: Match the color on the monster will be the activity today. The children will each be given 5 colors and will need to match them on their monster.

Friday: SHARE DAY!!  The blue room will create a spider for snack today after sharing!


October 23-27

Monday: We will be learning a song and talking about emotions today with the “Five Little Jack-O-Lanterns.”

Wednesday: I will help the children cut out a pumpkin today. This project will be completed Friday.

Friday: Your child will glue different shapes on his/her pumpkin to create a jack-o-lantern face!


October 30-November 3

Monday: Halloween party and parade!

Wednesday: We will take a nice walk around Kinderfarm today to enjoy the first day of November!

Friday: Crazy sock day in the blue room… miss-matched, wild colors, or different lengths. We will then cut out and color a sock. The simple joys of using crayons.


Bring on the sugar! Happy Halloween!!


Mrs. Rogers

Blue Room October 2-6 and 9-13

Wow… it’s already October! We have sure gotten a taste of fall this paste week. Health and fire prevention will start off the month, pumpkins and Halloween will take up the second part. Germs, germs, germs… we will be learning more about how far germs travel from sneezing, how to best wash our hands to remove germs, and have some fun creating a germ monster. The following week is fire prevention week and we have some roll-playing and safety procedures to practice.


> Please, Please be sure to have appropriate clothing for your child. Layers are THE BEST!!

> We are working on the kids putting on their own coats using the ‘tag-to-toes, hands-in-holes, up and over’ method. If you can practice this with them at home that would be helpful.

> Book orders are coming home this week and will be DUE Wednesday, October 11th!


October 2-6

Monday: “Oh the Things You Can do That are Good for You!” a Cat in the Hat story will get us started! We will use glitter and lotion today to show how many germs are on our hands and what happens when we shake someone’s “clean” hand. It will also take good hand washing to get the lotion and glitter off!

Wednesday: Creating germ monsters using play dough will make for an exciting morning! The book “Germs” will go nicely with our activity.

Friday: “Germs make me Sick,” will introduce our activity today. Coughing and sneezing can spread many germs. The kids will have the chance to see how far germs travel using colored water and a squirt bottle!


October 9-13

Monday: We will start off the week practicing a fire drill and how to stop, drop, and roll. The book “Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill,” will get the children ready to talk about fire safety.

Wednesday: “Contain the Flame,” will get us started this morning. Matching shapes to those on a fire truck will allow for shape and color identification, as well as, practice gluing.

Friday: “Fire Engine Man,” ties in nicely to our activity today. Follow the fireman tracing game will take place the morning. Focusing on how to correctly hold a writing utensil will be our main objective.



Mrs. Rogers

Blue Room September 18-22 and 25-29

We’ve had a great start to the school year in the Blue Room! It has been fun getting to know each other and this coming week will allow your child to tell us a little more about his/her family. We will then spend a week talking about fall and work on some cutting and gluing skills. I hope your child has been sharing fun moments with you. Please feel free to touch base and ask any questions you may have.

+ Please, PLEASE send a copy of a family picture with your child. Please hand it to me or another staff member so it does not get lost. Your child will be sharing this and we will then add it to our friend quilt in the classroom.

+ Kinderfarm t-shirt forms will be coming home this Monday and will need to be returned by Wednesday, September 27th.


September 18-22

Monday: What makes a family? We will complete a chart with questions like: who makes up a family, where they can live, and the kinds of feelings we have towards people in our families. I will read “One Family” to go along with our activity.

Wednesday: The book “Big Friends,” will get us started today. Everyone will then get to pick a color for their quilt square and make a hand print.

Friday: The kids will be sharing their family pictures and we will add them to the quilt to complete that today. “The Nesting Quilt” will tie in nicely.


September 25-29

Monday: Welcome fall and the beautiful trees that come with it! Today the blue room will be starting a project by painting a tree. I will read the book “Fall.”

Wednesday: We’ll be getting scissors out to practice holding them, using them, and carrying them the correct way. “The Little Yellow Leaf,” is the book I will read today.

Friday: I will read “In the Fall,” to get us started today. Your child will be gluing the snipped pieces of paper from Wednesday onto his/her tree that was painted Monday. Glue is useful, but best used in small quantities… we will practice this!


Happy Fall,


Mrs. Rogers

Blue Room September 6 – 15

Welcome to the Blue Room!! My name is Katie Rogers and I am so excited to be teaching Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. I have two boys (soon to be 1 and 3 years), so being able to teach part-time at Kinderfarm and be home with them most of the time is a wonderful life for me.

These first couple of weeks will be spent getting to know our new friends (human and animal) and learning the Kinderfarm rules, routine, and amazing campus.


  • Be sure to to include an extra set of clothes and inside shoes in your child’s backpack. He/she should be wearing outdoor shoes and be prepared for the weather (the wind is always stronger at Kinderfarm).
  • Check the Kinderfarm website for updates and to look at the classroom notes each week.
  • Your child’s backpack should be checked regularly, as this is how art work comes home and how book orders will be sent home.
  • The first BOOK ORDER will be coming home Wednesday (September 6) and will be due back to Kinderfarm by Wednesday, September 13. Make checks payable to “scholastic” and hand TO a staff member. Please DO NOT put the form into the child’s backpack.
  • CALL Kinderfarm (319-351-3438) if your child will be absent, the internet connection out of town is NOT very reliable.


September 6 and 8

Wednesday: The blue room will learn and practice our routine and enjoy a stroll around the Kinderfarm campus. Ask your child what job he/she had today.

Friday: Find your other shoe… we will all take off one shoe to put in the pile. Then the fun begins and we get to learn names, as well as different ways to sort.


September 11-15

Monday: I will read ‘Chicka Chicka Boom Boom’ before engaging the children with introductions! Does your child know the first letter of his/her name?

Wednesday: Learning safety procedures for a fire and tornado will take most of our time today.

Friday: The book ‘Pizza Man’ will get us started before making a cooperative pizza to share for snack.


Looking forward to a wonderful school year,


Mrs. Rogers

The Blue Room Sleuth – July 17 – August 18

Greetings and Cool Dog Days of Summer to You! Mr B here and I am looking forward to a great five weeks to make this summer at Kinderfarm one to remember! Our theme for this session is the five senses. We will be taking a closer look at our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and finger tips through the stimulating environment the Kinderfarm campus has to offer.

Eyes — July 17 – 21

Monday – What are our eyes and how do they work? Brainstorming and reading about these magnificent organs.

Tuesday – I spy: Books, Games and Exploration!

Wednesday – We will be taking a closer look with magnifying glasses to better see how lenses work.

Thursday – Watercolored eyes will allow students to study and appreciate the colors in our irises.

Friday – Navigating without sight. . .but with a friend as we traverse an obstacle course on the lawn. We will also be feeling our way through braille.

Ears — July 24 – 28

Monday – What are ears and how do they work? Brainstorming and reading to uncover the world of sound.

Tuesday – Johnson County 4-H fair! What will we hear at the fair??? PM ONLY

Wednesday – Music and Listening: Sound Emission and Reception. We will be listening to recordings and creating our own improvised sounds.

Thursday – Sign Language: We will be discovering how people with hearing impairments can communicate through this unique set of alphabets.

Friday – Animal Ears: Who has the biggest ears on the farm?

Nose — July 31 – August 4

Monday – What is a nose? Why is it separate from the mouth? We will be brainstorming and reading about this most comical feature.

Tuesday – Specialized noses: Elephants, manatees, anteaters and butterflies. We will build proboscices with straws and see what it’s like to have one of these sophisticated snouts.

Wednesday – What do you smell? We will investigate smells and their connections with memory and taste.

Thursday – Who has the best nose for smelling? How smell can be an important defense both for animals and us.

Friday – Who has the biggest nose on the farm? We will have to take a yard stick out for the horses!

Mouth – August 7 – 11

Monday – Our mouth and taste receptors: how we taste and what taste can tell us. We will be doing some introductory reading and brainstorming.

Tuesday – Lips, teeth and tongues – a mouthful of art

Wednesday – Bitter, sweet, sour, salty FLAVORS, tasting, decribing what we like and what we don’t.

Thursday – Taste and smell: How does smell influence taste? We will be doing some deeper, critical thinking about these connecions and revisit our farm friends for some help understanding these separate but intertwined organs.

Friday – Taste v Texture: Smooth as water, crunchy as corn chips. We will discuss how taste and texture are related but different parts of our oral experience.

Touch – August 14 – 18

Monday – How do we feel things? We will be brainstorming and researching about how our nerves transfer signals to our brain.

Tuesday – Temperature: We will experiment feeling warm and cold items and discuss how feeling something can keep us safe.

Wednesday – Texture: Feeling Sensational! We will be exploring and describing a variety of textures with our fingertips.

Thursday – Touching. Music. Instruments. We will be experimenting and investigating the relationship between touching, feeling and playing our unpitched percussion instruments.

Friday – Fire safety Friday! We will be highlighting the usefulness of touch as we extend our discussion from Tuesday to escaping a burning building.

Stay safe out there!


Mr B