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Red Room Newsletter: June 19 – 30, 2017


JUNE 19 – 23 AND 26 – 30

We have had a terrific time in the Red Room the past two weeks! I have a super group of children that have been very enjoyable to work with.

The routine in the Red Room includes, but is not limited to, group time (during which we choose jobs, do calendar, check the weather, learn new songs and finger plays, and read a story, snack, animal chores, and free play within the classroom. I also plan additional activities that are centered on a theme. The focus of our theme the next two weeks will be ocean, sand, shells, and sun. Please remember to send a swim suit and towel each day because you never know when we might get wet!

The next two weeks….

MONDAY – The book Rainbow Fish will kick off our ocean/beach unit. This is a wonderful story about friendship. After reading the story the children will make a rainbow fish of their own. Be sure to ask your child what we added to their picture that was shiny just like the one in the book.

TUESDAY – It is very important that we all apply sunscreen before a trip to the beach. The children will illustrate the importance of sunscreen as they “apply” it to a paper person. Ask your child to show you!

WEDNESDAY – The Red Roomers will be making jelly fish today. Guess what we will be using to “paint” the body of the jelly fish? Why jelly of course! J

THURSDAY – What letter does the word sand begin with? Hmmm… The children will illustrate that letter using glue and sand. A game of Starfish Toss will round out our time together.

FRIDAY –Lacing skills will be put to the test as the children lace seashells. They will also have the opportunity to try their hand at picking up “water plants” like a crab would.

JUNE 26 – 30

MONDAY – We will kick off our week with playdough and shells. The boys and girls use the shells to make prints in the playdough. Playdough is not only fun but it really helps to strengthen hands for other fine motor skills such as cutting and writing.

TUESDAY – Hand-eye coordination skills will be put to the test today as the children marble paint a paper sea shell. They will also have a chance to practice their catching skills as we play a game with a beach ball.

WEDNESDAY – The children will be making Sunshine Toast today. A game of Fish Bingo will round out our time together.

THURSDAY – The boys and girls will be making their own snack this today. After cutting out a fish shaped piece of toast they will butter it and add cinnamon sugar sprinkles. Time playing with sand play dough will complete our day.

FRIDAY – A few games of Beach Blanket Bingo will round out our week. The children will play the game outside on beach towels using Goldfish crackers as markers. What a tasty way to play Bingo!


Mrs. Norman