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The Blue Room Sleuth June 19-30

What an awesome start to Summer! The Blue Room groups have been showing amazing rhythmic capacity each day transfering the rhythms of words to unpitched percussion instruments. The students and I have had a great time looking for frogs and tadpoles and learning about their lifecycle. Their artistic creativity shined on blue kites. I am looking forward to another great two weeks!

REMINDER: Kinderfarm will be closed July 4th for Independence day.

Purposeful Purple — June 19 – 23

Monday/Tuesday – Our theme for this week is Purple. Please help your child find something special and purple to share with our class. As we continue through the spectrum, we will be studying Purple and its neighbors in the rainbow.

Wednesday – Carried over from last week, we will see the relationship between blue and purple as we make blueberry and mulberry pancakes.

Thursday – Purple Finches will be the subject of a birding expedition!

Friday – Purple cabbage and plums are in store with this super-nutritious color.

Red Red Read — June – 26 – 30

Monday – We will scour the Kinderfarm campus for things that are red. Between the geraniums, rooster’s comb and light-up shoes, we’re sure to have an extensive list! Please help your child find something special and red to share with our class.

Tuesday – Red Light Green Light, Red Rover, hoping for a cool day!

Wednesday – Red radishes, Red raspberries, Red cherries oh my! We will be stamping and marble painting to celebrate this week’s color.

Thursday – Red hot Red heart. We’ll see who’s up for the spice and whose heart looks nice.

Friday – Cardinal Red. We will read about America’s favorite red birds, the Northern Cardinal. Can we find one of these iconic birds on the farm???

Happy Official Summer! ~ Mr B

The Blue Room Sleuth June 5 – 16

Happy Summer and welcome to Summer Session 1 at Kinderfarm! My name is Mr. Brien Hemann, aka Mr. B., and I will be your child’s teacher in the Blue Room MWF and TTH afternoons. The farm looks great and is full of life to be discovered over the next six weeks. I am excited to help the Blue Room group learn more about themselves, others and world around them.

*Please note that your child needs to bring a pair of “chore shoes/boots” in their backpack each time they come to Kinderfarm. This footwear is to be worn during our visits to the animals. There is a plethora of things out in the barnyard that we do not want tracked onto the carpet.

*They will also need to bring indoor shoes or slippers, bath towel(smaller towel to fit in backpack) and swimsuit EVERYDAY. PLEASE label your child’s items.

*Please sunscreen your child prior to arrival. We will reapply at midday for full day Kinderfarmers.

*A sunscreen waiver must first be on file.

*A permission form for paddle boat rides will be sent home June 5 and 6. The form needs to be returned indicating whether your child does have permission OR does not have permission to ride on the paddle boat.

Week 1: June 5-9 Getting Into The Groove

Chores: Pearl, Hens and Barrels

Monday/Tuesday 5/6 – We will be getting to know each other, outlining expectations for our space, meeting our furry and feathered farm friends and exploring the Kinderfarm campus.

Wednesday/Thursday 7/8 – Due to all of the active frog life in the pond, our routine will set in studying about tadpoles and what they become. We will begin work on frog lifecycle projects. So, our theme for the week is GREEN! Please help your child find something green to share, preferably something special to them. If time allows we will try to make it to the pond where Bullfrog tadpoles and others cling to the aquatic plants.

*Please remember to return your paddle boat permission forms!

Friday 9 – Independent research and artistic creation about tadpoles and frogs, more pond time!

Week 2: June 12-16 Blue Cieux

Chores: Recycling, Cats and Peanut the goat

Monday/Tuesday 12/13 – The theme for the week is Blue, please help your child find something special and blue to share with our class. We will be appreciating the clear blue sky with kites and brainstorming all of the wonderful blue things on this blue planet!

Wednesday 14 – Experimenting with blue water and how it interacts with a variety of blue materials, i.e., do bluejeans absorb or repel water?

Thursday 15 – Bluebirds will be painted and scouted around the farm. We will discuss the value of bluebirds and their role in the rural ecosystem.

Friday 16 – Blueberries! Pancakes, muffins, smoothies. . .we’ll see!(dependent on the weather)

Happy Summer and Joyful Learning!

Kind Regards,

Mr B